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Location - Warringal Park

Beverley Road, Heidelberg  (see map below)

Warringal Park


This beautiful sports ground, flanked by the Yarra River, is the home of Heidelberg Cricket Club. We are fortunate to enjoy great support from our co-tenants, the Heidelberg Football Club. Many players represent the cricket club in Summer and the football club in Winter. The social rooms are first rate, providing a wonderful atmosphere for post game celebrations and player/supporter get-togethers. The club has contributed to the development of the change and training rooms, including a refurbishment in 2020, and are modern, clean, and female friendly  The roof of the training rooms doubles as a fantastic viewing deck in summer. Many past players and supports of the Heidelberg Cricket Club can be found enjoying a cooling beverage whilst taking in the days play.



Barclay Shield (Saturday afternoons 1-00pm ~ 6-00pm)
B Grade (Saturday afternoons 1-00pm ~ 6-00pm)

Veterans (Sunday Afternoons 1-00pm ~ 6-00pm)
Junior Grades (Wednesday & Friday afternoons/evenings)

Senior Training Sessions (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)

Junior Training Sessions (Thursday evenings)

1 artificial turf (hard) wicket.
3 x cyclone fence enclosed practice nets (artificial, hard turf).

Ground Lighting (Upgraded to 150Lux in 2020-21)
Modern, well equipped pavilion with kitchen & bar.
Toilets & Change Rooms.
Drinks & Refreshments.
Great cycling tracks.



Games are played on artificially turfed hard wickets. Senior cricket is played on Saturday afternoons between the hours of 1-00pm and 6-00pm, with a combination of 2-day games (80 overs per side) and 1-day games (40 overs per side) making up the fixture. The format for junior cricket games varies according to the age group, with the most common format being  2-day games comprising 40 overs per side played on Friday evenings. The DVCA cricket season runs from October through to February, with finals being completed by the middle of March. Because games are played on hard wickets, wash-outs are a rarity and the wickets are fairly consistent in their characteristics and week to week presentation.