Ground Lighting

Beverley Road, Heidelberg


Warringal Park Light Towers

Warringal Park has previously enjoyed lighting at the ground which was provided by Metal Halide lamps located on 4 x 18m high light towers.  Whilst these lights were adequate to illuminate the ground for training purposes, they were not suitable for use during games.  This lights also took 15-20 minutes to come to their full level of illumination, and were not energy efficient.

Close-up view of one of the old light towers supporting the older metal halide lamps

During the Summer of 2020-21, new light towers with LED lights were installed by Banyule City Council to replace these older lights.  The new lights are located on 4 x 27m high towers, with each tower supporting 6 new LED-type lights. These new lights, when turned on, illuminate the ground immediately, and do not require time to "warm up" the way the older lights did.

The lights are turned on via a wireless remote control, and do not require access to the clubhouse in order to be activated, allowing the ground lights to be used by various community groups as needed.

Once on, the lights provide 150 Lux of illumination, sufficient for both football and cricket competition games to be played.

Close-up view of one of the new light towers supporting the new LED lights

The New lights were officially turned on in April 2021, at a ceremony held at the clubhouse, attended by members of Council, and representatives from both the Cricket and Football clubs.

(L to R) Kylie White (HJFC Vice President), Cr Fiona Mitsinikos (Banyule Councillor - Hawdon Ward), Cr Alison Champion (Banyule Councillor - Sherbourne Ward), Cr Peter Castaldo (Banyule Councillor - Griffen Ward), Brian Anderson (HJFC President), Dean Turner (HCC President), Tim Wilson (HFNC President), David Roberts (HCC Vice President), Ashleigh Riley (HFNC Vice President)

New Light tower during commissioning and testing/alignment

New lights illuminating the ground during opening ceremony