Scoreboard - Digital Scoring

Beverley Road, Heidelberg


The club has access to a colour digital scoreboard, located on the northern side of the ground in a dedicated two-storey, scoreboard building.  The ground floor of the scoreboard serves as umpire change rooms (during Football season), and a storage area for ground equipment during both Cricket and Football season.


The upstairs room has additional storage, and is also used by the scorers, timekeepers and statisticians during football season.


During Cricket season, the operation of the scoreboard is from the viewing deck at the font of the club house.


The scoreboard is connected to the club house via a 300Mbps WiFi link, enabling full remote operation of the scoreboard.


In December 2020, the software was upgraded to allow Cricket to be scored using the "MyCricket Live Scoring" app on an iPad, with scoring updates sent to both the scoreboard (via Bluetooth), and the internet simultaneously (via the Clubhouse NBN Connection), reducing the administrative workload of Team Mangers as game results and player statistics are automatically recorded, and do not need to be uploaded after the game.


In addition, player statistics are instantly available, and the juniors particularly love seeing their name "up in lights - just like at the 'G' "


When not being used to provide score information during a game, the scoreboard can be used as an electronic "billboard" displaying sponsor information, player profiles, and short highlight videos.