HCC Memorable Performances

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Favrin destroys Rosanna in Grand Final at Chelsworth Park | March 2005

Dynamic all rounder Steve Favrin skittled Rosanna's top order in a beautiful bowling spell of 23 consecutive overs returning 6/50. Heidelberg, defending a moderate 215 compiled the week before, called on Favrin to make some early in-roads. Within 90 minutes, Favrin had Rosanna reeling at 5/58. His metronomic spell featured 4 catches behind the wicket and 2 bowled. Heidelberg went on to dismiss Rosanna for 117 to claim the Premiership.

Robbo's 1st Grade Hat-trick versus Rosanna | November 2001

Note: The following passage, supplied by David Roberts, is undergoing historical verification.

With the Heidelberg attack being dispatched to all parts of the De Winton Park oval, captain Steve Cashen tosses the ball in the direction of targeted recruit Roberts, having blitzed down at the leafy Yarra Valley flats for the previous decade. Needing desparately to prove himself to his new peers, Roberts immediately claims a Rosanna scalp, clean bowled by a flighted delivery pitching on leg but straightening to hit middle. The next delivery, quicker and flatter, exposes the new batsman's poor footwork - out LBW, plumb in front. Robert's hat-trick is achieved with the perfect left-arm slow bowlers' delivery - flighted, pitching middle to off, fizzing sharply away to slips - a delivery capable of dislodging a player of the calibre of Roberts' understudy & fellow recruit Gardner - and much too good for a number ten. As the keeper accepts the catch, the jubilation is palpable, Roberts is estatic.

Hunter's Grand Final Ton versus Banyule | March, 2000

In the latter part of the week leading into the Grand Final, captain Steve Cashen was presented with a selection quandary after his season opening batsman, Mark Favrin, pulled out of the team due to a pre-season football commitment. In a surprise selection, Cashen turned to Craig Hunter whose season had comprised a single 1st grade game and 2 lower grade 'fill in' games for a combined tally of 60 runs. Against the much respected Banyule attack, Hunter provided the backbone of the Heidelberg innings from the opening ball, compiling a match winning 104 to join an elite group of 1st Grade Grand Final centurions. Heidelberg went on to successfully defend its 280 odd to claim back-to-back 1st Grade premierships, much to the ire of Banyule who were left to bemoan "Where's this Hunter bloke come from".

Footnote: To this day, the Banyule players claim that Hunter was caught behind for four (given not out). Hunter maintains that he did NOT get a nick on the ball.

Ryno & Stevens' BIG Partnership | 2nd Grade, 2001

Or should it be titled "Ryno brings Crogga along for the Ride" ?


Semi Final Tie versus Banyule | 1st Grade - March, 1999

Great drama follows the Plant boys wherever they go.


Emu Bob for Stevens' teeth versus Clifton Hill | 1993

Crogga Stevens, he with the cat-like reflexes, fielding some 40 metres from the striker at cover, was unable to prevent the 4-piece Kookaburra from careering into his ajar mouth. The ball, some 15 overs old, smashed into Crogga's mouth as his hands reached chest height in anticipation of a catch. This thunderous blow created a cloud of red (blood) and white (teeth). Crogga calmly departed the ground for a dental appointment, whilst all participating players organised themselves into an Emu Bob in an endeavour to locate any teeth that had not been smashed into multiple bits. Unfortunately, none were forthcoming and to this day Crogga's plate of false teeth serves as a reminder to all captains to keep him at least 50 metres from the batsman in the field. 


Dumpy has a rest in the 3rds | 250 not out at Chelsworth

Christou double century versus Macleod | 1st Grade, 1985