As a club, we know that many parents that are new to junior cricket will have a number of questions, and we have listed the most popular of those below.  If you have a question that is not answered below, feel free to email our Junior Co-Ordinator (Christian Kostakis) at [email protected]


Which Competition does Heidelberg Play in?

Heidelberg Cricket Club is a member of the Diamond Valley Cricket Association (DVCA), The association comprises clubs covering four metropolitan councils; Banyule, Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Darebin.


My son/daughter has never played before. What equipment will we need to buy, and what will it cost?

A playing shirt and cap will be provided to all new junior players free of charge, as part of your registration.  


NOTE: All Girls teams will receive several team starter kits, allowing the new players to begin playing without needing to purchase equipment for their first game. 


Most Juniors do purchase their own "Cricket Starter Kit" which includes a bat, leg pads, gloves, and a carry bag.  These can be purchased from Cricket Warehouse, or Sporting stores, such as Rebel Sport. Players will need to purchase their own cricket “whites” pants.


Additional equipment that should also be considered is a batting Helmet (mandatory for Junior Players), and Thigh pad.  


NOTE: All Girls teams will receive several team starter kits, (including Helmets and Thigh Pads) allowing the new players to begin playing without needing to purchase equipment for their first game.  Girls can choose to use this club-supplied equipment throughout the whole season if they want to.


Costs to play first the whole season - 10 Games plus Finals (with club provided Equipment)

  • Membership : $30 Girls / $125 Boys
  • Gloves : $20-$50 (depending on brand)
  • Total : $50-$100 (Girls) / $125-$300 (Boys)
  • Membership includes all game day costs throughout the season (Ground Fees, Match Balls, etc)


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is recommended that players do purchase their own gloves, and any other equipment that contacts the skin directly (such as groin protectors)


Should you prefer to purchase your own Playing kit, links to purchase equipment online are below :-


Cricket Warehouse - Junior Starter Kit

Rebel Sport - Junior Starter Kit


When are the games played, and how long do they last?

Home games are played at Warringal Park, or Heidelberg Park.  Junior Girls games are held on a Wednesday Evening, and Junior Boys on a Friday evening. Junior games commence at 5pm, and are normally completed by 7.30pm


How far do we have to travel?

Matches are played in the local area, and normally within a council boundary (such as Banyule & Nillumbik). 

A list of all playing venues (ovals) used by the DVCA, are listed here .. DVCA Playing Venues


If the season is cancelled due to Covid, will there be refunds?  If so, is there a process for managing this?

In the event the season is impacted by COVID, refunds may be made available depending on the length of impact.  The Committee will advise all parents should this occur.


Will there be an information session?

Yes, once the season commences, and prior to the first game, an information evening will be held at the Warringal Park Clubrooms 


Does the club have player insurance?

Yes, part of the registration fee includes insurance cover with Cricket Victoria’s governing insurer. This includes cover for male and female players.


What is expected of parents on match days?

Parental involvement is encouraged to support the players. Some parents volunteer to be Coach or Team manager and this is welcomed by the club. On match days some parents may be asked to volunteer their assistance with umpiring and/or scoring.


What sort of ball is used?

Younger junior teams U/14 and below) use a 142-gram 2-piece cricket ball, that is bright pink in colour to make it easy for the juniors to see in the field.  This ball is slightly smaller/lighter than a normal cricket ball, so is easier to catch for juniors.


Do girls wear helmets?

Yes - all junior players are required to wear helmets when batting.  The wicket keeper is also required to wear a helmet (and leg pads) for safety reasons.


Do you have to play when it’s hot?

As per the regulations of the DVCA, No evening match will start if the temperature has reached 36° Celsius at 5.00pm (34° Celsius for U10’s and Level 1 Girls). There are other regulations around adverse weather conditions which can be found on the DVCA website.


Can girls also play in boy’s teams?

Yes, Girls are more than welcome to play in a team with the Boys, and Age dispensation is given to Girls wanting to play in this environment. Please enquire for further information. 


When is training?

Training is held between 4.30pm and 6.00pm. Once age groups and numbers are determined training schedules are arranged.


Are there opportunities for parents and players  to socialise throughout the season?

We pride ourselves on being “one club”, with a great connection between the junior and senior club. Every Thursday, we have a designated chef at the club providing affordable and delicious meals for our junior players and parents to enjoy after training (from 6pm), including drinks at bar prices.

Senior Games are held on most Saturday's and Sunday's, and all are welcome to come down and support the seniors and enjoy a drink from the bar.