Pay your 2020-21 membership

The 'Online Registration & Membership Fees' method (launched from the Club Membership menu item) is by far & away the most convenient way for the club to have players registered and their fees collected.

If you do NOT wish to pay your Membership Fees online using a credit card, then please contact Craig Stevens ( to make alternative arrangements.

To access the online registration and payment page, please click on the  link at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions. Before doing this, please take a moment to read the following instructions.

Existing Participant
You are an existing participant if you've registered with MyCricket previously (i.e. you have a 'record' within the MyCricket application, because you've played competitive cricket previously in a competition administered by MyCricket). To register for the new season, you will need your MyCricket Participant Id and login password. In all likelihood, you don't have these at hand. Hopefully, by clicking on the "Forgotten Your Login Details" link, the MyCricket application will e-Mail your details, which will allow you to login as an existing participant and pay your membership fees.

If you are transferring from another club you will require a clearance prior to registering with Heidelberg.
Please email Craig Stevens ( with your details and he will arrange for this to happen. You will be advised when you can proceed with payment of your membership.

New Participant

You are a new participant if MyCricket has never heard of you (i.e. you've not ever registered with MyCricket previously). To register for the new season, you just need to follow the New Participant "Get Started" option which will ask for all your details and allow you to pay your membership.

Click HERE to pay your Membership Fees