Captain/Coach Report Season 2018/19
Date of Event Heidelberg Cricket Club: Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:56PM

Justin Whitcher reflects on the season gone -


So after two years at the Heidelberg CC, goal number 1 has been achieved.


Through some group dynamic and personal attitude changes we have ultimately put ourselves in the spotlight as a club.


When moving across to Heidelberg it was an intention of mine to create a successful culture. To ultimately be respected at a greater level within the Diamond Valley.


To all the players who continue to commit and give their time it is much appreciated. Understandably there are games sometimes missed and unavailability in the lower grades is an issue but in saying that this is the reality of the world today.


Therefore one key message moving forward is to be an influencer. Encourage each other to be involved and draw players into the club on a more regular basis. As one we are stronger!!!


Our 3rds year was very tough and things are looking more positive moving forward next season. To Dos thanks for being one of the few that did commit to both playing and running the group. It was definitely appreciated.


To Gav and Gilly thanks for your work running our 2nds. You both steered a solid ship through a successful season and all who had major impact on field should be proud of your efforts. Runners-up against good mature opposition.


It’s our depth that will push us up as a club in Barclay Shield! Right now I’m looking at 20 possible players that could play 1s this coming season. Ultimately that will come down to preseason efforts and performances through a competitive season.


Finally to all who contributed to our A grade Money Shield success, a big thank you for going to another level in my second season as coach. From that comes a crack in the top grade where my intention is to make genuine waves!


No club has ever won Money Shield then Barclay and there’s always history to be made. If I get a a group of cricketers dedicated to high standards and excited by proving themselves at the highest level then we can achieve anything. There continues to be a lot of growth in the group and as a coach I believe most still have plenty of improvement and can mentally go to a more powerful level!!! We will train with more intent and set high goals to chase.


As a player personally I’m as excited as I have ever been to not only bring my best this season but to support and encourage my players to take their cricket to new levels and excel at the highest local level.


Heidelberg CC has gained respect by the competition now but they will write you off just as quick! My aim in the next two years is to have clubs talking about what is it Heidelberg has done to be such a great club.


To the Committee, thanks for your support it’s greatly appreciated also and your all outstanding people highly dedicated to making the club elite.


Enough said now it’s time for action so time will tell. Remember players I can push you, encourage you and support you to be your best, but unless you want to go to new levels by getting out of your comfort zone it won’t just happen!


As one we are strong! As mates in any level we rely on each other to ultimately succeed!


Justin Whitcher

HCC Captain Coach

Last updated: Wednesday August 28, 2019 8:54AM
Author: Jack Ridewood